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Causes of SCI

SCI Caused by Auto Accidents or Other Forms of Negligence

In Santa Ana and throughout California, people are frequently involved in accidents that lead to spinal cord injuries (SCI). Unfortunately, many of these injuries could have been prevented. Many are the result of an individual or a business behaving carelessly. The experienced attorneys of Aitken Aitken Cohn help victims take action and hold careless parties responsible for the injuries they have inflicted. We have more than three decades of experience standing up for spinal cord injury victims.

The Medical Cause: Force that Damages the Vertebrae

From a medical standpoint, a spinal cord injury is caused by force. That force can be external, in that an outside object collides with the spine hard enough to damage the vertebrae. The force may also be internal. Rapid acceleration or deceleration of the body can cause as much damage to the spine as an outside object.

One issue that makes spinal cord injuries so complex is that the outcome is different based on the part of the spine that suffered the damage. For example, damage to the cervical spinal nerves may result in permanent injury to the arms, while damage to the sacral spinal nerves may result in problems with the legs. Similarly, damage to thoracic and lumbar spinal nerves may also result in different outcomes.

The Actual Cause: Negligence

Understanding the medical cause of an injury is important in terms of getting the right treatment, but the question that we ask is this: What caused the force that damaged the spine? in too many cases, the answer is Negligence. Negligent accidents causing spine injury come in many forms, such as:

Our law firm is committed to standing up to individuals and businesses that have caused harm due to acts of negligence.

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