Causes of TBI

TBI Caused By Car Accidents and Other Forms of Negligence

The unfortunate reality is that many of the traumatic brain injuries (TBI) that occur in Santa Ana and throughout California could have been prevented. Many of them are the result of an individual or a business acting negligently. Traumatic brain injury victims have the right to hold negligent parties accountable when accidents occur, and the experienced lawyers of Aitken Aitken Cohn can help. We have more than three decades of experience standing up for the rights of accident victims.

The Medical Cause: Force or Lack of Oxygen

From a medical standpoint, the majority of traumatic brain injury cases are the result of one of two things: Force or lack of oxygen.

When an outside object collides with the head with enough force to cause the brain to move within the skull, or with enough force to fracture the skull and cause direct trauma to the brain, a traumatic brain injury can occur. TBI can also be caused without any external collision. Any rapid acceleration or deceleration of the head that causes the brain to forcefully collide with the inside of the skull can also cause a TBI.

The brain requires oxygen, which is delivered through the blood. Any action that cuts off blood flow to the brain or compromises oxygenation of the blood that flows to the brain can also cause a traumatic brain injury.

The Actual Cause: Negligence

While the majority of traumatic brain injuries are the result of force or lack of oxygen, the real question is this: What caused that force or lack of oxygen? All too often, the answer is negligence. Negligence can come in many forms, including:

  • Motor vehicle accidents (car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents)
  • Medical malpractice (birth injury, anesthesia errors, failure to diagnose stroke or heart attack, medication errors)
  • Falling accidents (slip and fall accidents, trip and fall accidents, falls down stairs)
  • Falling objects

Our law firm is committed to taking action against negligent individuals and businesses, regardless of the type of negligence that has caused a traumatic brain injury.

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