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Supporting Someone with SCI

A spinal cord injury resulting in paralysis and a host of other physical, cognitive, social and emotional changes is a life-changing event-to put it mildly. The sudden change in ability and all of the medical and personal consequences can be scary and confusing. Adapting to life with a spinal cord injury is not easy-it requires coping with many changes that affect our lifestyles, jobs, relationships, and very identity.

Spinal cord injury also changes the lives of the people who love and care for us. Family and friends want to do what is best for us, but sometimes knowing how to support someone with SCI can also be confusing and scary. The following sheds some general light on this SCI issue.

Furthermore-and if all of these challenges weren't enough-the costs of supporting someone with SCI can be monumental. For patients who have suffered SCI due to the actions or negligence of someone else, financial compensation for your costs of care and your suffering may be available. We are here to help you with this aspect of supporting someone with SCI as well. Read on to find out how.

Understanding the Psychological Consequences of SCI

Grief is a common reaction to the diagnosis of SCI. The patient and everyone who cares for him or her will experience their own unique grief process; it is common to experience disbelief and denial, sadness, anger, the desire to bargain, and acceptance, which never fit a neat or clean process. While grieving is healthy and natural, it is also important to seek ways to cope with these changes and continue on with life. Support groups and professionals in the health field can help you process through and understand your complex emotional reactions to SCI.

Educate Yourself about SCI

One of the best ways to regain control of your life after SCI is to learn all you can about this injury, its effects, its treatments, and the resources that exist to help you and your family. People who are supporting someone with SCI can become advocates in their care. Health professionals can assist in these efforts.

The Medical Costs of Supporting Someone with SCI

Because the costs of a spinal cord injury can be overwhelming, it is a good idea to find out if you're eligible for economic assistance or support services from the state or federal government or from charitable organizations. Furthermore, if your injury was caused by the actions or negligence or another party, you may be eligible for a lifetime of benefits to cover the costs of your care and compensate you financially for your non-material losses and suffering.

If you would like to learn more about how to seek assistance covering the costs of supporting someone with SCI, please contact our qualified attorneys today. We can listen to your story and determine the best way to protect and maximize your legal rights.

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