Brain & Spinal Cord Injury Results


Paralyzed 9 Year Old Girl and Her Mother Receive a Precedent Shattering $55 Million Dollar Judgement Against the United States Government After a Five Year Ordeal

Leilani G. was left paralyzed after a tragic car accident by a federal employee. Leilani's mother, June, was driving south on Newport Boulevard on Mother's Day when an employee of the Department of the Army ran a red light and collided with June's Chevrolet Suburban.
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$25,000,000 (Los Angeles Times Estimate)

Husband Killed And Wife Disfigured By Disney's Sailing Ship Columbia

Wrongful death of a 34 year old man and severe facial disfigurement of his wife from the dislodgement of a metal cleat from Disney's Sailing Ship Columbia. This case, later named the "Columbia" incident, sparked a national debate on the safety of theme parks. Additionally, this matter brought about several theme park regulations into California law.

Settlement Confidential.
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Severely Brain Injured Child Collects Eight Figure Settlement due to fall from a National Fast Food Chain Restaurant Playground

A 10 year old boy fell from the cross bars of the playground at a national fast food burger chain restaurant and suffered a severe, traumatic brain injury when his head struck the restaurant floor tile.
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An Anesthesiologist's Negligence Renders A Promising Young Student Blind

Cardiac arrest during ankle surgery results leaves a young man permanently blind and brain damaged.
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Store Manager Falls From Shelf Leads To Settlement In The Millions

A store manager at Linens 'N Things fell off a merchandising island while stocking merchandise, resulting in a fractured skull rendering him with permanent brain damage.
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Legal Whodunit Solved in Quadriplegic's Favor in Santa Ana Eight Year Battle

Plaintiff, while a passenger in his own car, was rendered a quadriplegic from a collision. Plaintiff brought cause of action against the driver of his own car. The jury ruled in favor for the Plaintiff, but also found him to be comparatively negligent.
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Failure To Supervise Contractor Leads To Catastrophic Injury

A water well driller was seriously injured when his arm was caught in the spinning part of a machine that drills the wells. There was an issue regarding whether or not the equipment was safe and whether the employer had knowledge that the subcontractor was using unsafe equipment.
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Traumatic Brain Injury in Motorcycle v. Auto Collision Leads to One of Largest Results in Colorado History for a PI Lawsuit

Defendant's vehicle crossed into plaintiffs' lane of traffic overturning plaintiffs' motorcycle and throwing plaintiff off the back and onto her head on the pavement.
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Beach Vacation Turns Into Family's Worst Nightmare

Plaintiff was ascending stairs while unloading his car on his family's first day at a vacation rental when he lost his balance and grabbed for the stairway railing, which gave way, causing him to fall approximately 10 feet onto his head.


Doctor Severs A Spinal Accessory Nerve During Neck Surgery

A woman went in for the removal of a cyst in her neck. During the surgery the doctor severed a spinal accessory nerve.


20 Year Old Killed In Police Pursuit

Upon reaching an intersection the Decedent collided with a police officer responding to a call for assistance. Although she was driving at a safe speed and wearing her seatbelt, the young woman died on the scene due to her head injuries.


Passenger Collects $625,000 for Injuries Resulting from Street Racing Accident

Plaintiff suffers multiple severe injuries including traumatic brain injury as the result of a street racing accident.


Mother Killed During Tree Removal At Her Residence

18 year old mother was killed by a falling tree being removed on the tenant's property.


Questionable Handling Of A Baseball Spectator's Injury By Insurance Company

Plaintiff injured while sitting in bleachers by flying bat. Plaintiff brings suit for medical expenses and other damages.


Light Globe Strikes Plaintiff On Head At Local Entertainment Center

A woman was seated at a table in the patio of an orange county entertainment center when a light fixture fell and struck her on the head exacerbating her neck problems.